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Honey Wheat Ale

This clean, American wheat beer is a crisp thirst-quencher that has a soft wheat flavor and honey aroma.

Brewed with malted barley, malted wheat, hops and yeast ABV 4.5%

Belgian Wheat

This traditional Belgian wheat beer is a refreshing light beer with a delicate pillow-y wheat flavor, yellow hazy color (due to the yeast), and hints of tangy citrus.

Brewed with malted barley, malted wheat, oats, hops, yeast, and coriander. ABV 4.4%

Citrus IPA

This India Pale Ale (IPA) focuses on juicy hops flavor and aroma, with notes of citrus and tropical fruit, and downplays the bitterness typically associated with this style.

Brewed with malted barley, hops, and yeast. ABV 5.6%


A unique take on the German marzen (Oktoberfest) beer style, this beer brings the unique flavor of Munich malt to the foreground and adds a little more hops. Notes of caramel.

Brewed with malted barley, hops, and yeast. ABV 5.3%

American Sunrise Pale Ale

Silver medal winner at 2019 Asia Beer Championship, pale ale category

Crisp, quenching, and refreshing. This pale ale features an inviting bright malt background overlaid with aromatic American hops that give delicious notes of a fruit medley, followed by a balanced bitterness and pleasing wheat finish. ABV 5.5% / IBU 31


New England IPA

Our take on this breakthrough style of beer features splash, tropical fruit aroma and flavor derived from hops, delivered on a pillow of hazy, wheat malt flavor. Brewed with malted barley, wheat, oats, hops and yeast. ABV6.3%

Mocha Stout

This sweet stout has strong notes of chocolate and coffee, and a pleasing palate of flavors and aromas.

Brewed with malted barley, oats, hops, and yeast. ABV 5.5%

Peppercorn Saison

A modern twist on a style of beer that heralds from the Middle Ages. Enjoy the light spiciness of peppercorn over a delicately pleasant yet crisp malt body, followed by a bitter finish. Pairs great with cheese! ABV 6.3% / IBU 36

Summertime IPA

With notes of guyabano and suha, this straw-colored India Pale Ale has a slightly sweet malt body balanced out by a bitter finish that pairs very well with grilled or smoked meats. ABV 5.3% / IBU 35


Christmas Beer

Tis the season and our popular holiday ale is back! It features a delicately roasted malt body and pleasing notes of cinnamon. Tastes like Christmas! Brewed with malted barley, hops, cinnamon and yeast. ABV 6.3%

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